Automated Marketing


Taking full advantage of all the marketing opportunities online is an effective way to grow your business.

But let's face it. It takes time - lots of time - to coordinate your inbound marketing efforts like social media, search engine marketing, email marketing as well as lead generation and nurturing campaigns. And you don't have tons of extra time, do you?

So you might want to start thinking about Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation tools give managers a single interface that effectively serves as your marketing "command center." From one easy-to-navigate console, you can:

  • Create Content - publish web site content, blog posts, social media posts and more;
  • Optimize Content - guides to help you insure that your content is optimized for your strategic search engine marketing keywords;
  • Promote Your Business - through social media tools and email marketing campaigns;
  • Manage Your Email Marketing - create and segment lists, capture lead contact information, create and send email campaigns;
  • Analyze Results - get data about all of your activities such as which pages are driving conversions, what keywords bring the best traffic, how effective are you email campaigns.